30 March

Now 10.45. spent most of the morning trying to sort out the Orange account and hope we’ve done it now. Got roaming back on my mobile and caught up with all the emails and messages. Already spent £10s worth of the next month’s allowance.. hope to hell we get wifi this week.

Its raining so Mike’s put the heating on. It’s as cold as yesterday. I painted the piece of wood that Mike put up for utensils and then painted the panels on the cupboard doors in the biggest bedroom, bit messy edges but they’ll do for now, should have used masking tape. My hand is not as steady as I thought … 

Mike has moved on to making shelves for the back of the larder – he’s really taken to that wonderful cupboard!

A couple of days ago we heard that Boris has CV and now Dominic Cummings has the virus – good, should keep him from doing any more damage to the UK for a few days or weeks. Nick Handcock the Health Minister also has it. Irony doesn’t cover it.

I’ve written another 1400 words today on the blog, did that yesterday too and I’m still only up to Tuesday 17th . its raining again, I write when it rains. It’s going to get colder tonight apparently, down to -2 by dawn tomorrow. After that it begins to get warmer.

Stuart said yesterday that Parisiens who own houses in this area are coming down to escape the virus. I don’t know if it’s true, but worrying if it is. We don’t have it here and hope we stay free until it all goes away. Dominic Raab is doing the press conference tonight, talking about bringing UK travellers home, hundreds of thousands apparently. All the major airlines are being pressed into service to do this. The CMO says the peak is a couple of weeks away, but he says the population is following guidelines and it’s having an effect. 

The UK reckons it’s on a par with France, but yesterday someone on the radio said that France was on the curve and the UK behind it. Last night Jersey finally locked down, behind the curve, imposed for a month. 

Heard from Karen, a friend in Jersey, today. She’s been working from home for 2 weeks and doesn’t like it.

Rosemary wrote to me and Rosie. I can’t find her message but Rosie replied. Mollie in the second week of shingles and Arthur stoic but missing contact. Poor Mollie, that’s so painful, I wonder why she hasn’t had the jab.

There are so many bits and pieces we need for the house and the shops to get them are not open, no bricolages. We need picture frames, brackets, hooks, indoor dryer, paint etc. Mike’s been great at salvaging bits of wood and repurposing other bits of flotsam and jetsom, but we’re getting to a point where we need to buy weed killer, printer paper and other things. Wonder if I could make weed killer? Bet there’s somewhere on the internet that could tell me…. Oh wait, we don’t have the internet …

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