29 March

Clocks went back so it’s officially summer time but no sun today, quite dull.

Stepped outside this morning and the wind is bitter. I got very cold cleaning the kitchen properly for the first time. We had just dumped stuff in it, but now as we organise a bit better, more of the filthy worktops are showing. Mike’s made a utensil bar to put hooks on but we don’t have any hooks and the bar needs painting white. Then he made a small shelf to go into another kitchen cupboard that can sit on the worksurface.

with hooks and the bar painted white

It’s gradual but I think we are making some sense of the kitchen now, which is just as well as we will be using it for the foreseeable future! Dave wont be able to work on the kitchen until the lockdown is lifted, and France has extended the lockdown until 15th April and I would think it will be extended further.

Mike has almost drained the pool cover of all that water, shame for the birds who like to bathe in it.

the ‘before’ picture

I started typing this up today as a blog – it’s based on this journal which is weird – am I squaring the circle?

We had chilli tonight, very nice and we’re eating in the light. We put the heating on at lunchtime but I was still cold this afternoon, had a shawl and Mike’s thick knitted jacket on. This cold weather will not help the seeds and bulbs I’ve put in. They had a week of warmth and now this.

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