28 March

Another sunny day, we are very lucky. Still gutted about the Battle decision but I suppose it had to be made now as people would be working on the floats in close proximity. we will have to find an alternative. The boys will be disappointed but apparently Louise told Roselle last night that it wasn’t really about BOF, more about the family being together. She’s quite right and that’s a better reaction than I expected.

Mike went round to V&S to get a shopping list from them and went off with his form. I went round to find out what my 5 emails are about and get the main one printed off, Stuart printed off the English translation and then kindly read it to me to make sure I understood it!

I managed to ring both my girls today and they are fine, although Jo sounded stressed by the job at the moment, trying to keep clients engaged and not to lose jobs. Louise was going to upcycle a storage box that Richard found in the street, which she’s been meaning to do for ages. Brilliant, it’s what I used to do, and what I still like to do. William is teaching himself Minecraft and she says he’s very patient, but it’s on her laptop so she can’t work while he’s doing it. It keeps him occupied so she’s in a cleft stick. Daniel is doing the work set for him on zoom, apparently the teachers are being brilliant with them. Jo was worried his work would suffer but now she doesn’t think it will. Today, Saturday I think, he’s on Fortnite, gabbing with his mates.

It was great to have that contact with them and since Marijke suggested we all get together here in this house after meeting in Jersey, they’re all a bit excited about the prospect. We could just about fit them in. however I don’t think it will come off sadly.

I attempted the green railings on the balcony again today. It will have to be done a couple of times to get it all off and I only did one seventh yesterday. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow so perhaps I’ll be spared.

We had another fence party. Stuart suggested 3pm, but I knocked him back to 4 – too much to do. We talked music most of the time. Interestingly we learned that Aubeterre is the centre for Dutch dope smokers! Can’t wait to tell the troops, the rest of the day was an anti-climax!

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